5 Habits of High Impact Managers

This book will “Take Your Management and Leadership Skills to the Next Level“. As a High Impact Manager, you will have a willing and focused team who supports your goals and strives to reach new heights in performance and productivity.

Discover the 5 Habits of High Impact Managers and how to implement them into your project, department, organization or company. These skills will allow you to not only take your effectiveness as a manager to the next level, but will also provide the motivation your employees need to perform at a higher level.

Discover how to:

  • Set your team up for continual success
  • Inspire and lead for high impact outcomes
  • Coach your team towards a common goal
  • Create a “High-Performing Culture”
  • Retain your very best employees

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The Habits of High Impact Managers sets forth a template for senior management to get the most out of their teams. It covers it all, from laying the groundwork for managing your team, to motivating each individual member; setting forth a clear vision so that others can rally behind it. This book and the entire High Impact Manager Development Training Program are an indispensable must-have for senior managers at any size organization.

Stephen Ferrando, VP Client & Professional Services -CharityEngine



The Aligned Workplace

This book will show you how to eliminate the barriers to greater success by bringing about an Aligned Workplace. Organizations that implement The Aligned Workplace experience:

  • Greater clarity
  • Strong strategic direction
  • Eliminated infighting among your organization’s leadership
  • Reduction in costs
  • Less wasted time
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Greater job satisfaction and retention
  • Decreased workplace stress

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The Aligned Workplace offers time tested, practical guidance for organization leaders and others who aim to achieve the goal of spending more time working ON the organization, rather than IN it. Applying this program’s principles has created and sustained real mutual accountability for success within my organization and my client’s organizations.

Jeff Raynor, Pinnacle Insights Inc

Additional works by Allen E. Fishman


7 Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters

Revealed for the first time — the exclusive formula for business success practiced by thousands of entrepreneurs. Allen Fishman interviewed top entrepreneurs, identifying their common traits and practices to create the GEM Power formula. As a business leader, speaker, and Great Entrepreneurial Master himself, he has taught the formula to thousands of businesspeople. Now, in Seven Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters, he shares these secrets with you. Filled with thought-provoking written exercises, savvy advice, and inspiring anecdotes, the book takes readers on a journey of guided introspection to help them balance work and life for maximum success and happiness.

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9 Elements of Family Business Success

Running a family business is like running any other business–with the addition of many extra challenges. A family-owned enterprise involves unique management, compensation, hiring, and other business issues regarding family member employees. 9 Elements of Family Business Success addresses the specific challenges faced by owners of family businesses, and it shows family members employed in the business how to enjoy their positions while helping the organization reach its highest potential.

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Strategic Business Leadership

Tens of thousands of business owners, around the world, have used Strategic Business Leadership® (SBL) to lead their businesses to increased profits while achieving their personal visions for success. Using SBL brings about greater business success, while providing business owners the satisfaction and purpose that comes about from a leader’s effective use of his/her own unique personality and talents. Using actual case study history, this book shows how to apply the SBL formula to lead companies ranging in size from very small to very large annual revenue and number of employees.

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