Our Executive Team

Allen Fishman

Founder and Executive Chairman

Allen E. Fishman, a Wall Street Journal and Amazon.com bestselling author, is Founder and President of Allen Training Centers, Inc. (ATC) He is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of TAB Boards International (TAB), which is the world’s largest franchise system offering peer advisory groups and coaching services for business owners. The TAB system has benefited over 20,000 businesses and business owners in countries around the world.

Allen Fishman has a fiery passion for entrepreneurship and desire to provide needed management development training with unique processes and tools every manager could use to achieve greater success. He has created each of the training programs offered by ATC.

Prior to creating ATC and TAB, Mr. Fishman was President and co-owner of a consumer electronics chain, which after attaining great success, became a publicly traded company listed in the USA on the NASDAQ exchange.

Mr. Fishman holds a finance degree, Magna Cum Laude, and a Juris Doctorate law degree. 


His advice and perspectives have assisted business owners around the world to lead their businesses to greater business success and to achieve greater personal balanced life style. Mr. Fishman is a noted expert on what is needed for businesses to move to greater levels of success, who has been featured in numerous media venues, such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Fortune Small Business, Business Week, the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Nation’s Business and Profit Magazine. He has also been a frequent guest on television programs such as CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and First Business and on radio shows such as Public Radio International’s Marketplace. Fishman’s ease with the media stems back to the time he hosted his own business talk radio show, Formula for Success, on a CBS affiliate.

Mr. Fishman has been honored to address organizations such as the Institute of Management Science, the Mobil Oil Distributor Group, the Consumer Electronics Industries Association, the National Association of Retail Dealers of America (“NARDA”), and the National Association of Corporate Growth.

For over a decade, Mr. Fishman wrote the newspaper business advice column, Business Insights, which was nationally syndicated throughout the USA by Tribune Media Services.

His business books include:

• 7 Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters: The GEM Power Formula for Lifelong Success
• 9 Elements of Family Business Success: A Proven Formula for Improving Leadership & Relationships in Family Business
• Strategic Business Leadership: A system for moving from a leadership style based upon the “Idea of the Week” to one based upon Strategic Thinking
• The Alignment Factor: Unlock Potential, Boost Employee Performance, and Increase Profits
• Allen Fishman’s Business Financing Kit: Financing advice for business owners and managers
• StratPro: The Strategic Business Transformation Process
• The Five Habits of High Impact Managers: Take Your Management and Leadership Skills to the Next Level
• The Aligned Workplace: More Productivity! Less Stress!


Michele Fishman

Vice President of International Development

Michele Fishman is the Vice President of International Development and co-owner of The Alternative Board (TAB). She is co-author of the book Strategic Business Leadership: The Proven Formula For Greater Company Success.

Michele focuses on TAB’s international development. TAB is now operating in many countries around the world. Michele believes that TAB succeeds in other countries because the TAB system has been so successful in helping business owners achieve greater success and because of TAB’s desire to understand the unique aspects of local cultures and adapt the TAB model to the needs of other countries.

Since TAB’s formation in 1990, Michele has worked in various capacities, including media relations, marketing, and developing TAB facilitation and coaching training programs and protocols.

Michele earned her Masters Degree in International Relations from Washington University. She also has a BA in History and English from The University of Texas at Austin and a Post-Baccalaureate graduate degree in Education from Washington University.


Eric Missbrenner

Certified Master Trainer

Eric Missbrenner is ATC’s Certified Master Trainer. Eric comes to ATC with a strong business development background in the finance and hospitality industries. Eric has a passion for helping businesses reach their full potential through management development training and executive coaching. As Certified Master Trainer for ATC, his primary responsibility is the training of ATC trainers/coaches on ATC’s three management programs.


Dana Besbris

Director of Training

Dana Besbris joined ATC at its inception and, as Director of Training, has been responsible for such things as creating trainer leader’s guides, exercises and presentation materials, such as PowerPoints. She is one of the ATC team responsible for training trainers. Dana is a certified High Impact Manager and a certified High Impact Executive coach. Dana has worked closely with Allen in creating such books as StratPro, Strategic Business Leadership, 9 Elements of Family Business Success, High Impact Manager, The Aligned Workplace. She also serves as Director of Training for TAB Boards International, which is the world’s largest franchise system providing peer group advisory services and coaching for business owners. Dana has worked with Allen Fishman in developing the training and executive coaching modules since 2006.


Susan Rhoads

ATC Team Leader

Susan is the most recent addition to the ATC team, having transferred from a position she previously held at The Alternative Board. Her background is in administration, specifically working with the owner or CEO in multiple industries. Her background makes her the perfect fit as the ATC Team Leader, being responsible for maintaining the leads database, assisting in the marketing for ATC through LinkedIn and other sources, assisting in the development of training processes, supporting our franchisees and licensees, as well as all things administrative and operational.

Susan’s education comes directly from learning on the job, which she has found to be very advantageous, as it gives her the ability to be hands on.

Susan is an avid quilter, which gives her the chance to be creative and gifting to others. She lives in Aurora with her husband and two very active dogs.

Seamus Ryan

General Counsel

Seamus Ryan joined ATC with over a decade of experience representing franchisors, entrepreneurs and general corporate clients, and has also previously served as the General Counsel for two national franchisors. Seamus is conversant with virtually all aspects of business law including contract drafting and negotiation, dispute resolution, employment issues, regulatory compliance and real estate matters. Seamus also currently serves on the Board of Directors of several companies and charitable organizations.

Seamus has a proven ability to determine the shortest distance between the problem and the solution to almost any legal matter, and he takes genuine satisfaction from helping ATC franchisees develop successful businesses