How We’re Different

ATC provides two management development training programs that will each help your executives and other managers to operate at peak performance both as individuals and as team members. Our unique blend of online training and in person classroom training with professionals who use our study materials, videos, exercises and other tools, results in trainees leaving every session with great takeaways that they can apply immediately. Each session of the training programs gives trainees processes, techniques and methodologies that are easy to understand and easy to implement. Productivity improvements flow naturally from the programs.

Our training programs create strategic thinkers who are Inspirational leaders.

Our training programs are based upon real-world applications, not theory. Our solutions and methodologies work with organizations of every size because 75{40176f29c9eb24a0382883b6aca87de1a5014a7f73e70911d26eb1998f35d0f7} to 90{40176f29c9eb24a0382883b6aca87de1a5014a7f73e70911d26eb1998f35d0f7} of all challenges that stand in the way of executives and other managers delivering great results are the same.

Our proprietary system has been proven since 1970, by thousands of organizations around the world, to make managers and their organizations higher impact. ATC’s tools and processes are easily customized for use by managers in organizations of all sizes in every field. Unique to ATC is that both of our training programs are delivered using a blended learning system approach.  Both programs involve online learning followed up with monthly facilitated in-person training focused on applying and implementing the material learned online in order to bring about monthly focus on reaching the highest level of implementation.

During classroom training, managers learn skills and strategies for solving day-to-day and long-term challenges. Participants learn how to “PAVE Their Way to Success” using their passions and strengths while neutralizing their weaknesses.

Our Guarantee

Change is hard. According to Forbes Magazine, only 8{40176f29c9eb24a0382883b6aca87de1a5014a7f73e70911d26eb1998f35d0f7} of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions with most people giving up on their goal by the end of the first month. In order to change, and develop new habits or behaviors, people need at least 90-days.

Our certified executive coach will work with you and your executive or other manager who will be coached, to identify a series of 90-day goals for the person being coached, to create a manageable roadmap on how to achieve the 90-day goals and to show ways and being accountability to make the goals happen.

We believe in the benefits of our High Impact Manager ® Executive Coaching programs and so should you. Because of this belief, we will guarantee that if you do not see any improvement or professional growth within 90 days starting with the first coaching session, you will receive a full refund of all coaching fees paid.

Mixed Classes & In-House Classes

ATC licensed trainers provide classroom training to executives and other managers in one of two ways:

1. Classroom training for managers from different organizations (mixed class), or

2. “In-house” classroom training that is limited to executives and other managers of a particular organization. These training sessions are provided at the locations of the organization clients.

High Impact Manager Training Program

The High Impact Manager Training Program teaches the skill sets of managers, regardless of what level they are in the organization, to bring about higher impact on their organization. The classroom training covers two topics, which are delivered in a total of four hours, once per month. To learn more about the High Impact Manager Program, click here.

Although most of our classroom training is done in-person, with the wonderful world of technology, we can provide classroom training virtually to managers anywhere in the world where there is access to the internet.

AlignUp Training Program

The AlignUp Training program is aimed at bringing about workplace alignment. AlignUp works on the premise that those who report directly to Key Decision Makers must align up with their Key Decision Maker before alignment can be pushed down through the organization workplace. AlignUp classroom training consists of a two-hour session each month for seven months. To learn more about the AlignUp Program, click here.

Online Training

Our online certification training allows trainees to understand the material for particular classroom training before attending the classroom training sessions. This allows the classroom training to focus on applying the material. Our trainees have the flexibility to take the online training at their convenience.