Allen Training Centers®

Allen Training Centers (ATC) provides executives and managers with the training and executive coaching they need to be higher-level achievers who deliver greater results for their organizations.

ATC’s training is unique because is provides blended learning – a combination of self-paced online training with live in-person or virtual training.

ATC’s three different management development training programs consist of High Impact Manager®AlignUp® and Results Driven Sales Management ®. They are based on real world knowledge and methods that have been used since 1990 to help executives and managers around the world to create greater revenue and profits for their organizations.

ATC’s High Impact Manager® Executive Coaching program involves twice a month, one-to-one coaching to help executives and other managers make greater impact on the success of their organization. The executive coaching can be provided virtually or in-person.





High Impact Manager® Training Program

There are 24 habits of High Impact Managers that collectively bring about outstanding results. This training provides leadership and other management courses, such as time management, recruiting and holding one-to-one meetings, which teach managers how to understand, adopt and apply the habits that result in their greater impact on their organizations.  This training program provides the tools and processes needed by managers in organizations of all sizes and in every business field to address 75-90{40176f29c9eb24a0382883b6aca87de1a5014a7f73e70911d26eb1998f35d0f7} of the challenges that stand in the way of their delivering great results.






AlignUp Training® Program

Our AlignUp management development training program is for those managers who report directly to the Key Decision Maker in their organizations. Those who take AlignUp training bring about greater workplace alignment by aligning up with the person to whom they report, aligning more effectively with their fellow peers and pushing alignment down through every level of the organization.  AlignUp training brings about greater organization synergy and less stress for those in management.






Results Driven Sales Management® Training Program

Our Results Driven Sales Management training program is for those in sales management who have functional responsibilities for sales departments.  This sales management training involves 10 skill sets, such as how to compensate salespeople in ways that are more motivational and how to regularly hold scheduled meetings to track key performance indicators that sales managers, and others who functionally manage salespeople, need to bring about the greatest amount of sales and gross profit results for their organizations.






High Impact Manager™ Executive Coaching

High Impact Manager™ Executive Coaching involves one-to-one, interactive dynamics between an ATC High Impact Executive Coach and executives and other managers who have the potential to make a high level of impact on their organizations.  Our Executive Coaching unlocks the potential of those being coached and increases their productivity.  It greatly speeds up the level of productivity for executives, top level managers, high potential managers being groomed to grow, and family member managers at every level.  If used in conjunction with an ATC training program, the coaching both reinforces what is learned in the training program and helps to apply it.