Results Driven Sales Management®

The 10 Essentials For Getting Maximum Sales Results From Your Salespeople

Managing a sales force isn’t like managing any other department. A sales team is typically composed of special personalities leaving you little time to focus on the important. Maximizing sales performance is one of the most critical challenges of any organization. Driving and sustaining results from the sales team can be a difficult task. Our 10-step sales management program is designed to provide the tools, framework, knowledge, skills, and experience that sales managers need to be effective.

Our sales management training programs are different from any others in the industry because we have a different view of sales managers. We firmly believe that the person responsible for managing the sales department, regardless of title, is the key change agent in a sales force.

Each session of our training is a highly interactive workshop that incorporates scenario-based learning, exercises and role plays. The in-depth program covers the following ten critical sales management essentials.






Results Driven Sales Management Is The Competitive Edge

Whether you’re new or experienced at managing salespeople, and whether or not your title is sales manager, our sales management training will make you a more effective Functional Sales Manager. Results Driven Sales Management delivers practical, ready-to-use techniques that will generate better sales results for the salespeople in your organization.

Having an effective manager can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success. Lack of sales management effectiveness is a huge issue in many organizations. Without it, sales results wane and goals are missed.

Through the Results Driven Sales Management program, Functional Sales Managers will:

  • Understand the factors that impact sales performance
  • Understand the areas where they have the greatest influence
  • Build meaningful and achievable sales goals and action plans to maximize performance
  • Hold sales staff accountable to their actions and goals
  • Manage the sales pipeline of the sales teams
  • Help sales staff speed up sales and get the most out of each opportunity
  • Coach for top performance, motivation, and execution
  • Be effective communicators and decision makers

Great Sales management includes developing your salespeople. With our sales management training, you will see lasting improved retention of those with outstanding sales performances.

“The Functional Sales Manager Training is Exceptional. In my multiple decades of managing sales teams including managers I’ve never seen a more concise and to the point training program that hits all the right spots for becoming a highly effective sales manager. The class participants who I have utilized this material with have been effusive with their feedback on the effectiveness of not only what they’ve learned but how well it has worked when implemented.” – Vaughn Sigmon

“As a result of the Results Driven Sales Management training, I now have a compensation program for my salespeople that gives them greater motivation and accountability, both individually and as a team. As an added bonus, even my top performers are getting better results than ever with newly established goals to strive for with incentives when they are reached.”

-Brandon Nixon
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“The Results Driven Sales Manager training program helped me to learn the techniques I need to use to keep my salespeople excited. I never realized before how important it was to avoid things that can pop their “emotional balloons” and how much I was missing in terms of tools used for motivating and retaining my sales staff. The value of the training is abundantly clear through their improved sales results.”

-Doug Holcomb
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Session 1

Don’t Manage Salespeople Like Other Employees

Session 2

Inspire Sales Team as A Team and Each Salesperson Individually

Session 3

Create Effective Written Sales Systems, Job Descriptions and Compensation Plans for Salespeople

Session 4

Your Sales Training Plan

Session 5

Sales Management by The Numbers

Session 6

Weekly Meetings with Each Salesperson and With Sales Team

Session 7

Prospecting Call Strategies

Session 8

Selling Steps Every Functional Sales Manager Needs to Know

Session 9

Addressing Poor Salesperson Performance

Session 10

How to Hire the Right Salesperson