High Impact Manager™ Executive Coaching

Improved performance of executive or top-level manager being coached brings about a financial benefit to the client’s organization that is much greater than the cost of the coaching.

Outstanding Return On Investment

The International Coach Federation performed a global coaching study in which it was reported that the median company return from coaching was 700{40176f29c9eb24a0382883b6aca87de1a5014a7f73e70911d26eb1998f35d0f7} of the initial investment. Companies that hire executive coaches for their executives and other top managers are making an investment that brings about a significant return on investment.

High Impact Executive Coaching helps those managers being coached to manage more effectively, because of improving such skills as time management skills, and the net effect is greater productivity.

Greater Impact

Executive coaching clients learns to operate with greater direction by identifying specific goals and what is needed to achieve those goals and other commitments developed during coaching sessions. Coaching clients operate more strategically, rather than “putting out fires.”

Because of the executive coaching, clients make more well thought out and better decisions. The coach motivates and challenges clients to reach for higher and greater success.






High Impact Coaching Clients Work More Effectively With Others In The Organization

Our Executive Coaching helps bring about alignment between clients and the people to whom the clients report, the client s’ peers and those the clients supervises within the organization. Clients build their own highly effective teams of subordinates resulting in teams having greater impact on company results.

Executive coaching brings about significant improvement in communications with others in the organization from the people they report to, to their peers and to their subordinates.

Executive Coaching Clients Are More Likely To Stay With Their Organizations

As a result of the coaching, the clients are happier because they have learned how to bring about greater balance in work/life, leading to a more fulfilled work and personal life. One of the reasons they are so contented at work is that executive coaching clients have someone independent, outside the company, who they can use as a sounding board. The clients view the fact that the organization is investing in them with coaching as an indication that the organization values their services.

Typical Executive Coaching Clients

  • Executives
  • Top-level managers
  • Newly promoted or transitioning executives/top-level managers facing new work relationships and challenges
  • Managers at all levels who are being groomed for larger roles
  • Managers who are family members of the business owner