High Impact Manager


Program Structure

Managers learn how to apply two High Impact Manager habits each month for 12 consecutive months. The 24 habits collectively generate outstanding success for High Impact Managers. These habits will individually bring about measurable increases in the results of the managers and the organization. Managers will leave each session with a defined Action Plan to implement that month’s topic. The courses are organized, by month, into four packages: Acquiring and Developing Talent, Influencing Others, Self-Development, and Team Performance.







“In learning and applying the Habits of High Impact Managers, I have achieved measurable improved results, while at the same time, reducing my overall stress at work. I am a more efficient manager of time, both for myself and my employees. I am now a more inspiring leader as a result of the training.”
– Megan Omura
General Manager
Honolulu Beerworks

“The High Impact Manager program is definitely a good class to take. It provides so much information we need to know as managers. Sitting with everyone in the class and learning about their experiences has been very valuable. I highly recommend taking it.”

-Candace Sharp
Customer Service Manager
Clear Choice Antifreeze

“The most valuable benefit of the High Impact Manager class is getting me to think outside the box. It has helped me focus on how I can benefit both myself and the company by reviewing my current status and finding ways to make changes that I would not have thought about on my own. By reprioritizing we will be able to make use of my strengths to be a better asset to the company. It is a useful program to help you rethink your strategies for success by becoming more efficient, examining your interactions with others in the company, and becoming a more enthusiastic participant in your own daily work habits.”

-Julie Spear
Registration Manager
Affinity Fundraising Registration

“The High Impact Manager class has provided me an opportunity to interact with other managers, a peer group of people in the same walk of life and hearing what they do to be successful. It has helped me implement new hiring practices, tweaking what we’re looking for by using surveys, interviews, key accountabilities, and assessments in looking for a good fit; onboarding new hires in a structured way; and following up on areas of improvement. It has also helped me become more transparent with my employees.
I would definitely recommend going through the program. The time commitment is reasonable, spread over a year to give time to implement the ideas presented and bring issues to the group.”

-James Palmer
Supervisor Inside Technical Sales
Palmer DCS





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Acquiring and Developing Talent


Recruiting Top Talent
Hiring Top Talent


Setting Up New Employees for Success
Retaining Top Talent


Inspiring Leadership
Developing Your Team Members

Influencing Others


Removing Barriers to Trust
Dealing with Difficult People


Collaborative Buy-In
Participating in the Sales Process


Negotiating Power
Getting Negotiations Back on Track



PAVE Your Way to Success
Reducing Your Workplace Stress


Results Driven Communication
Conducting Effective Meetings


Productive Time Management
Making Your Personal Long-Term Vision Happen

Team Performance


Coaching Your Winning Team
Strategic Leadership


Creating and Managing Successful Action Plans
Managing with Key Performance Indicators


Using Diagnostics and Critical Success Factors for Creating Goals
Creating a High Performing Culture