AlignUp® Training

Based on the book, The Aligned Workplace, by Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Allen E. Fishman, the AlignUp® training program takes an organization through the 12 Factors of Alignment and is delivered in a 12-month leadership development program designed for executive-level managers who report directly to a Key Decision Maker. The program works directly with teams and their leaders and includes a combination of online learning, seven monthly workshops, monthly assignments and executive coaching. Managers will leave each session with a defined Action Plan to implement that month’s topic. Unlike other team training programs, AlignUp training is about forming habits and getting all members of the team to understand and respect all roles on the team, and to work together with energy and synergy.


“The monthly AlignUp team meetings have been one of the most valuable exercises since I joined the executive team, fundamentally changing our mutual understanding of each other’s responsibilities and challenges, while helping us cultivate stronger team communications.”





“In my position, a direct report to the President and with multiple direct reports of my own, we felt that it was imperative to make sure that our leadership team was as efficient as possible, communicating well, organized … in short, Aligned. We completed the alignment training in one year and have put the tools and behaviors in place in our everyday work environment. As the result of a few behavior changes alone, my team’s efficiency has gone up at least 30{40176f29c9eb24a0382883b6aca87de1a5014a7f73e70911d26eb1998f35d0f7}. In addition to the significant increase in my team’s performance and collaborative skills, my overall communications with the President (Key Decision Maker) have also been positively impacted resulting in streamlined workflow and decision making. I absolutely recommend alignment training. It was time and money well spent.”
– Marty Green, General Manager, Custom Environmental Services